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Research in Biodemography:

Models of ageing

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Statistics of mortality rates

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Human sex ratio

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Biodemography Research Group Website

Research in mathematical evolutionary theory:

Mutation-Selection models for age-structured populations

  1. KW Wachter, SN Evans, and D Steinsaltz. "The age-specific force of natural selection and biodemographic walls of death." PNAS 110.25 (2013): 10141-10146.

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Sovereigns may sway materials, but not matter,
and wrinkles (the damned democrats) won't flatter.

And Death -- the sovereign's sovereign, though the great
Gracchus of all mortality, who levels
With his agrarian laws, the high estate
Of him who feasts and fights and roars and revels
To one small grass-grown patch (which must await
Corruption for its crop) with the poor devils
Who never had a foot of land till now --
Death's a reformer, all men must allow.

-- Lord Byron, Don Juan

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