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Information for Prospective DPhil Students:

I have a range of interests in probability theory and theoretical statistics. Much of this is devoted to problems more or less connected with the theory of ageing in biological systems. A general description of my research program on ageing may be found here. Some of the research is very abstract, concerning asymptotics of diffusion processes or dynamical systems on spaces of probability measures or random dynamical systems. Some are more practical, related to modelling of population ecology of age-structured populations.

I have also been working on problems related to survival analysis. Some theoretical ideas concerned with the connection between survival time measures and studies of ageing; some practical biomedical applications, particularly using Bayesian methods. A review of some of the relevant ideas is here.

Any interested students, whether in your last year undergraduate, or already graduated, or in a master's programme, should please contact me by email.

Other information about me may be found from my home page.

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